The Explorer

Come join us on our exploration of the remote reefs of  Rutland, North Cinque, South Cinque and Passage Island.

Our new 315 HP dive boat – The Explorer – makes a number of remote reef systems easily accessible from our dive center in Chidiya Tapu. With most of the visitors to the Andamans heading to the reefs off Havelock, we ensure an exclusive dive-experience with rarely another dive boat in sight.


Chidiya Tapu to South Cinque Island – 40 Nautical Miles round trip Rs.2500/- per person for a group of 4 pax or more.
*The above daily dive trips are subject to Weather.
*If there are less than 4 pax entire cost of the trip must be split amongst number of divers.

Chidiya Tapu to Passage Island – 50 Nautical Miles round trip Rs.12,000/- per trip
*These are specialized dive trips that need to be booked in advance.