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Mission: To protect the ocean and the life within it, through education, research and management, so that our children and theirs will continue to have access to this source of richness and beauty that sustains us today.

Description: ReefWatch Marine Conservation is a Non Government Organization established in 1993, by Prahlad and Mitali Kakar. Since its inception, Reefwatch has been involved in research, education and outreach activities that have included coral reef monitoring projects in the Lakshadweep Archipelago and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, awareness drives and documentary films, beach clean ups in Mumbai, SCUBA training for scientists and managers on the islands, and school programs in various schools around the country.

In recognition of its efforts and expertise, ReefWatch was invited to be a Member of the National Board for Wildlife (Government of India) in May 2007, and has served on the board since then.

ReefWatch has had the privilege of working with many dedicated and inspiring individuals in the fields of science, government, filmmaking, photography and the media. Its efforts have always been targeted towards protecting and nurturing the diversity of life in India’s coastal and marine environments.


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