The Maldives consists of chain of islands that are grouped into ring-shaped reefs, or atolls, with swaying palms, pristine sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. With channels, caves, caverns and overhangs offering some great diving, it is the abundance of fish life that attracts many divers. Due to its channels and passages between the atolls and islands, currents sweep through and nutrients are always on the move creating a feeding frenzy at many sites. The cleaning stations are home to the cleaning wrasses and shrimps that form a symbiotic relationship with many of the larger marine species.


Sea Indian Ocean
Number of Dive Site Unknown
Experience Level Beginner – Advanced
Depth 5 – 40 m
Visibility 10 – 40 m
Currents Can be strong
Surface Conditions Usually calm, but can be rough
Water Temperature 27 – 30
Good For Big and small animals, reef life, photography
Number of Days 1 – 3 weeks
Available Resorts, day trips and Liveaboards
Best Time to Go Year Round