Fiji is the Soft Coral Capital of the World and its reefs abound with a wide variety of marine life making it a great location for underwater photography. Currents are the lifeblood of the reef, kick-starting the food chain by sweeping nutrients to corals and fish. The result is the blooming of brightly colored soft corals, and gorgonian fans. You can also sign up for a shark feed dive, as these predators are all over. From luxury resorts and remote eco-hideaways to fabulous liveaboards, Fiji offers something for everyone.


Sea Pacific Ocean
Number of Dive Site 150 +
Experience Level Beginners – Advanced
Depth 5 – 40 m
Visibility 15 – 40 m
Currents Can be strong
Surface Conditions Can be rough
Water Temperature 22 – 30
Good For Large animals, coral gardens, reef life, photography
Number of Days 2 – 3 weeks
Available Resorts, day trips and liveaboards
Best Time to Go Year Round