Dive Courses

Most avid divers will remember the details of their first dives – the awe of exploring a new world with strange inhabitants, the exhilaration of weightlessness, the freedom of three-dimensional movement underwater and the nervousness of breathing in an alien liquid world. No matter what these first memories might include, all divers are happy to have signed up for that first dive course. Whether just an introduction to scuba diving or a full certification course, this first step forever changed their relationship with water and their perception of the world we inhabit.

Do yourself a favour and let us introduce you to the liquid world that makes up most of our planet. If it doesn’t change your life like it did ours, it will at least leave you wide-eyed with wonder and show you things you never dreamt existed.

Lacadives set up the first recreational diving training facility in the country in 1995 and our team of experienced instructors have been diving India’s waters ever since. We follow the strictest of safety standards and have a spotless track record for safe diving. Our centers are equipped with state-of-the-art dive gear from the world’s most reputed manufacturers. Our insistence on small dive groups ensures that you will get all the attention you need, and we believe that each individual should take their own time to achieve knowledge and comfort in the water. So who better to hold your hand and open your eyes to the magic of the sea?

Become a confident, safe and responsible diver with Lacadives.
Come explore the blue!!