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To bring the best of India’s diving to the world, and the best of the world’s diving to Indians.

The sole aim of Lacadives is the promotion of the sea and the sport of diving in all possible aspects. Our passion for being underwater, and the consequent desire to conserve our breathtaking ocean inheritance, is the foundation upon which our entire approach to diving stands. This means that whether you wish to join us just for a snorkeling trip OR a PADI Open Water Certification OR sign up for a Dive Master course, we want you to experience the same sense of wonder and awe that we feel every time we descend into the blue.

Education through imagery

Sumer Verma is the CEO and and working partner of Lacadives, he is the leading underwater photographer in the country. He has contributed his images towards Greenpeace India, ANET, ReefWatch, the National Conservation Fund and other private initiatives to bring the wonders of the underwater world to the homes of non-divers across the country. Lacadives, in collaboration with the above-mentioned organizations, is constantly developing educational material to promote an awareness and sensitivity to the coastal and underwater environment.
For more information on Sumer’s brilliant underwater work do visit www.luminousdeep.com