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“Simply superb, no matter what I write, it will not be able to match the experience. Haven’t felt happier in my life!”

– Naseeruddin Shah, India

“Dear Sumer, Subin and all the team. It was not expected that we would dive this holiday let alone complete a diving course! I have had such fun learning to dive with such a great team of people. It was wonderful to learn with Angu, my son, and the careful instruction and consideration made it very easy and relaxing. And when we relaxed too much, Sumer made us think about what we were doing and how to be a safe diver. Thank you for a wonderful experience and great company. The number of people who return to dive here is a good testimony to the excellence of the dive school. Thank you for making Hamish and Bertie feel part of the whole experience. They would live to learn here too on day and play more games of cricket. Many thanks.”

– Natasha Watson, U.K.

“Having already been to Lakshadweep, I was very happy to see the Organisation of diving and sports facilities at Kadmat Island. The natural beauty of the sea is made available to those interested, with a high degree of security. A job well done. Thank you!”

– Rahul Gandhi, India

“I consider myself hugely lucky and fortunate to have had my first diving experience and 1* certification at Bangaram. Subin, Shamsu, Sumer, Mohammed and Captain and other boat crew were just awesome. Their patience, care, hospitality and smiles are just fabulous. Above all they share their passion for diving that you cannot help but absorb. After diving at BNG with this team you will fall in love with diving whereon there will be no looking back. Subin and Sumer, special thanks and it is only the beginning for a great friendship and infinite dives together. For the sea life, sharks, rays, turtles, fish and coral, simply superb.”

– Vicky, India

“Thank you Sumer for helping me take a giant step!! I was told I would be in safe hands but truly while here it felt like heaven! Bless your heart and your patience and I am sorry about leaving your fingers in a cramp from hanging on so tight on every dive. Subin, thank you too for all your reassurance and smiles and also all the deep breathing before my first open water dive. Heart felt thanks to Mohammed and Shyam, you guys are all rock stars. It’s been an unbelievably fantastic dive experience for me and I will always be grateful for giving me something I will have for my life. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!!”

– Lara Dutta, India

“Dear Sumer and the team of Subin, Mohammed, Shyam, Hasan and the captain. A more dynamic, professional, friendly, and generous-spirited bunch you will be hard pressed to find. You successfully taught my family how to appreciate not only scuba diving but the whole underwater world. We shall always be eternally grateful for this truly wonderful experience. Thank you very very much”.

– John F Willmott & Family, U.K.

“I have had some of the most exotic experiences of my life here in Kadmat – especially the turtle laying eggs. Gorgeous diving, lovely dive sites!! The jetty which is the center of all activity feels like its living – breathes like all of us, laughs with us and feels sad when we are leaving. Thank you Prahlad and Sumer for taking me through this wonderful journey.”

– Vidhya Malavde, India

“Looking for a paradise like this on the world map was not easy… but it has been a real success. We hope it will be kept as such; a dream island for many years and more. Thanks to all of you for your superb kindness, organization and deep love for Nature. See you again soon.”

– Gianna & Valeria, Italy

“If the sea, the sky, fishes, coral and the island were the instruments of an orchestra, then this was definitely my first symphony! And I will always be in love with it. Thank you for everything Seemant – this trip was a revelation. It wouldn’t have been the same without you.”

– Tanuj, India

I can truly say that in all the places I have dived you are the most attentive, humorous and, most importantly, most professional team I have come across. Great diving, great resort, great experience. Thank you.

– Bill, U.K.