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Prahlad Kakar

Ad-man, hat collector, tea connoisseur, cigar manufacturer, restaurant owner and CMAS 2 Star Diving Instructor, Prahlad Kakar is the man behind the creation of Lacadives. His enthusiasm for the sport and the seas has inspired many to take the plunge.

Sumer Verma

Award-winning underwater photographer and documentary film-maker, CMAS Course Director and CEO of Lacadives, Sumer is the current CEO  has been the driving force behind Lacadives since he joined in 1997 as one its youngest Instructors. Having logged over 9000 dives, he is by far one of the most experienced divers in the country today.

Parth Amin

Avid Diver, CMAS 3* Divemaster and Founder, Chairman and CEO of SLK Group, Parth has brought much needed business discipline to Lacadives to help fulfil its dream of sustainability and growth.

Jose Dominic

Managing Director and CEO of CGH Earth, Mr. Dominic has over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry and has joined the board of directors of Lacadives as advisor; bringing with him, his unique vision of transformational experience hospitality.