About Us

Lacadives brings 20 years of SCUBA diving expertise and passion to your doorstep. Led by a team of experienced, professional dive instructors and dive masters, Lacadives has trained over five thousand divers and hosted thousands of certified divers from across the globe.

We set up India’s first dive center on Kadmat, in the Lakshadweep (which we lovingly called the ‘jetty at the end of the universe’ – because that is what it was!) in 1995. Since then, we moved to the Andamans, and have had dive centers in Havelock, Wandhoor and at our current location in ChidiyaTapu, near Port Blair. We also offer confined water and theory sessions in selected swimming pools in Mumbai, and conduct staff-accompanied liveaboard trips to dive destinations around the world.

We’ve been around a while – our years of experience and exposure enables us to cater to a spectrum of diver skill levels. The years have also provided us with a sense of responsibility for our planet’s health and the fragile and stunning marine ecosystems that become our transient homes. We are dedicated to building an embankment of underwater memories for our clients, and we strive to do so by deeply respecting the environment and communities within which we operate – we would not exist without them.

To experience and share the enchantment of the underwater universe is a privilege, and one that we do not take for granted. For as long as we have been diving, we have been educating. Reefwatch Marine Conservation and Lacadives jointly engage divers and the immediate communities in the islands with marine biodiversity and conservation. We conduct marine ecology programs with schools in Mumbai, provide diving experiences to school children in Chidiyatapu and offer dive naturalist courses, which provide a more intensive exploration of marine biology than that provided by regular SCUBA diving.